American Christianity Is Dying

Holy Bible on wooden table.American Christianity Is Dying

11/12/2016 11:20 am ET | Updated Nov 12, 2016

Richard Brand Reverend

Arrangements-Photography via Getty Images

There is good evidence that the Christian faith in the United States of America is in the process of change and decay. There is a great hymn “Abide With Me” which says “Change and Decay in all around I see, O Thou who changest not abide with me.” That has to be the hope of those who are “spiritual but not religious.”

The evidence is that the main line, old line Christian denominations, continue to lose members. Death and desertion are taking their toll. The average in most congregations has to be over 50. The number of “nones” continues to grow among the young generations. Lots of young families just have other things they are doing on Sunday. Even the Southern Baptist denomination notices a lack of growth in their membership.

The version of the Christian faith that does seem to still have some vitality is the evangelical religious right of the non-denomination type. The prosperity gospel which tells them that God will give them fortune and fame if they are faithful. There is a version of righteousness that wants to dictate morality to the rest of the world that seems to be appealing to some.

This version of the Christian faith appears to me to be a major part of why the Christian faith is fading. There is a meanness in that faith. There is a lack of inclusiveness in that faith. The dictatorial morality would drive a lot of people away from their fellowship. The Christian fraud that would prohibit the building of mosque, the Christian fraud that would refuse to allow certain biological types to join in marriage, the Christian fraud that would prevent a woman from having the power to chose but then have the meanness to refuse welfare for the help with the demanded birth, drives lots of people away from that group. The effort to impose their morality on a multi-cultural society simple turns people off.

The really sad thing is that the Christian faith of the first century was admired and flocked to because of its compassion and love and inclusiveness. Gentiles and Jews were welcomed. The public opinion was that Christians were unique by the way they loved each other and people. The early church was made up of the poor and the despised. They had great power of faith and love because they did not have political or economic power. In the midst of a very diverse and multi-religious environment, the early Christian believers were much more attractive.

A scholarly study of the times of revival for the Christian faith reached this conclusion. There are 10% of the people who are the movers and shakers of society. There are another 15-20% of people who make feel like they know and can contact the shakers. The rest, the remaining 70% are excluded. They have too much work, too little power, too little education, too little hope and too little energy to be participants in the political and economic decisions. All revivals in the history of the Christian faith have begun with the people in the 70%.

In the USA the religious right and the waning main line churches have enjoyed being a part of the upper 30%. The end is in sight for that 30% power and prestige……..

Now to interject with my two cents – This Country was founded with a strong belief in God Almighty. With the intent of “In God We Trust” – People seem to forget where we come from.


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