In My Minds Eye…..

In my minds eye ………………

I can see a long shiny black train heading down the tracks with its white smoke bellowing from the stack making that familiar Clickety Clack, Clickety Clack that has rung through my imagination for almost 30 years now. I can smell the grease and oil and I can imagine just what the coal might smell like as it’s being burned in the belly of that massive Engine to give it life. I can see my Grandfather in his dress blues with his gold chain looped from his watch pocket, hanging off the back of the Caboose, a gold lantern in hand, waving it back and forth signaling ahead. The smile across my grandfathers lips widen and seems to brighten as the train draws nearer. I can hear the screech of the wheels and the pistons whistling as the brakes start to engage. As the train pulls closer into the yard there seems to be just the outline of the Depot with huge pillows of white clouds surrounding it. The old depot with its wooden porch and heavily worn walkway, where I can see my Grandmother waiting patiently wearing her bright white nurse’s uniform with her little white hat sitting just so perfect on her head and her little white shoes polished just right. As the train approaches and slowly enters the canopy of the Depot I see Jam as he looks into my Grandmothers eyes and says “Wimpy, I’m home”. . . . . . . .


Written on May 26, 2006 for my Grandparents, Mary Alice Collins Groves and Samuel Jack Groves Jr, after their passing. My Grandmother had worked as an RN for most of her life and my Grandfather worked and retired from the railroad as did his father before him.



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