Carrying Concealed…….


As many of you know, I was a Law Enforcement Officer and a Fire Fighter for many years. I started with the local Police Department under Chief James Champion. “Champ” as everyone called him was a small framed – white-haired, old-time Policeman – one who knew everybody and everybody knew him. After my first year, I was promoted to Sergeant and put in charge of the Department when Champ was Off-Duty or Out of Town. Now Champ was married and had a son named Greg who was full of energy and loved his daddy. Champ was also a Volunteer Fireman with the Norlina Fire Department as was I. We had 3 full-time officers and 5 reserve (part-time) officers who would work as needed.

After my 5th year with the Police Department, I was vetted by the Warren County Sheriff’s Office for a Sergeants position. After some deliberation, I accepted the position but was thrown for a loop by the Sheriff who informed me that I would have to spend the first year as a Deputy before he could place me in the Sergeants position. Nevertheless, I accepted (mainly due to the raise in pay) and reported as instructed. Soon afterwards, I did in fact earn my Sergeant stripes and then two years later became the Lieutenant. Our Chain of Command consisted of the Sheriff, the Lieutenant, Sergeants, and Detectives followed by the Deputies.

After 10 years with the Sheriff’s Office I decided it was time for a change and as of 2005, I have dedicated my entire life to my family. I enjoy watching my two sons and my daughter grow up and I enjoy living life with my family. I’m not on the outside looking in anymore, I am deeply involved with everything on a daily basis. I cook, I clean, I escort and transport, I wash clothes and I even vacuum – which my wife totally loves.

For the last 20+ years, I have always maintained my sidearm whether on the job or off. It’s just like grabbing your nail clippers, pocket knife, wallet and keys. It’s hardwired in and I have always had it with me. Now, after 12 years, I have come to the realization that I really needed to start legally carrying my weapon with me. My Wife and I have been talking about it for the last couple of months and have decided that it was time to get it done. As it turns out, “Champ” my old Police Chief, who has since retired and has passed away, his son Greg is going to be the Instructor for the Concealed Carry Weapons class coming up in a few weeks – my how time flies. It turns out that Greg has made a very successful career in Law Enforcement and has even started his own business called Person Safety NC where he teaches the Concealed Weapons courses along with First Aid/CPR and is a state certified instructor for Vance Granville Community College in the Basic Law Enforcement Program.

I am so proud to have watched him grow up and I am totally looking forward to this concealed weapons course……………..



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