My Outstandingly Amazing Day……

My Outstandingly Amazing Day…….

SuperHero Dad - Copy

So yesterday was my lazy day, I set about doing odds and end chores around the house and just piddling around not in any one direction but you know, staying busy. I had a doctors’ appointment earlier and had a little extra energy to burn so I thought that I would work outside for a bit. It was such a beautiful day, not too hot and not cool but somewhere comfortably in the middle. The sun was out and it just felt like an amazing day. I guess partly because I had gotten a good report from my doctor.

I was mowing the lawn and doing a little spring clean-up around my property.  After about an hour, my daughter said that she wanted to learn how to cut grass on the Zero Turn – I thought, hey, why not, she’s 13 now. So I put her to work cutting grass in the back part of the yard while I trimmed up some overgrown limbs and bushes. Ivy looked so grown sitting on that mower with her sunglasses on, laid back just enjoying being able to ride and do grown up stuff helping her dad. This was awesome in its own right but this is not the highlight of my day.

After about 20 minutes, I see my neighbor come half-trotting across my property with her 16 month old baby boy draped across her arms, legs and arms dangling like a limp dish rag. The look of terror that was on her face spoke volumes and I knew in my mind that something was terribly wrong. Without being able to hear a thing over the lawn mower, I dropped my loppers and begin making my way over to her. She immediately handed me the lifeless body of her son and screamed “Please help him” – “Please help me, I think he’s having a seizure and isn’t breathing”. I guess years of training took over but I kinda remember looking at the child as if to do a quick trauma check – his eyes were rolled back into his head, no rise and fall of his chest and he was turning blue around his eyes, lips and chin.


Half checking for a pulse, I flipped the boy over onto his stomach cradling him in my left arm as my right hand began to firmly pound on his back – I began walking up towards my house. I knew that we had to call EMS and after what seemed like a couple of minutes I felt his chest inflate in my hand and I saw some discolored fluids come out of his mouth. Still not making any sounds and struggling to take a breath, I flipped him over once again and I saw his eyes open a bit but still very weak and rolling around. I flipped him back over again and resumed my light pounding on his back until I felt a little more comfortable that he was in fact taking in a decent breath of air. All of a sudden I heard the most wonderful noise of all – he took a gasp of air and started to cry.

At that point I knew he was going to be fine until EMS got there and provide any treatment that he may need. I handed the child back to his mother and had them sit down while she patted his back and rocked him. EMS seemed to get there relatively quick – they grabbed the child and took him into the ambulance. Living in the country, we are used to the ambulance having to come from the other side of the county and a 15 to 30 minute response time is nothing new but they seemed to have gotten there so fast. Actually, there were two ambulances, a first Responder and two Deputy Sheriff’s to arrive all within 15 minutes. After a few more minutes, the ambulance and the mother of the child were well on their way to the Hospital and my Wife and I were standing there looking at her three other children that had been left behind with us.

We made contact with the Grandparents and the father of the child and alerted them as to what had transpired and that we had their other children there with us. As the day progressed, we kept in contact with the neighbor and were kept abreast of how the child was doing. As it turns out, the child was running a fever of a 103 degrees prior to the incident. According to the mother, the child had a seizure from the high fever and then from what I gather, he had aspirated on his mucus and phlegm which had caused him to quit breathing.

So now, hours later, the child is back at home sleeping blissfully and I am relaxed on my catnapper taking in the whole experience thinking to myself “wow – did that just really happen”? As I told this story to my son who had come in later on in the day, he responded with “wow – you’re a hero” – I thought to myself yeah right but at that same minute, I felt very proud of the fact that I was there at home to be able to help this family. All those years in Law Enforcement, my only motive was to help people and I was lucky enough to have helped many people during my career – but this was something special. This was Outstanding and Awesome to say the least. I went to bed knowing that I made a difference and that in the eyes of my children I was in fact a hero…………




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