Tug Groves…….

My roots to this area run long and deep. I have lived in Rural North Carolina for a little over 35 years now but my family has been here forever it seems. After completion of the Basic Law Enforcement Training Course at Vance Granville Community College – I enjoyed an extensive 15 year career in Law Enforcement which includes working locally in City, County and Federal enforcement levels. I currently live outside of Ridgeway with my Wife and two of my three children. I am very active in my community and I am a 32° Master Mason – AF&AM . I have been very active in the Boy Scouts of America since my middle son first joined scouting, (proud to say that he is now an Eagle Scout). My daughter is very active in sports and has a passion for Volleyball, my oldest son seems to be mirroring my LEO career and my Wife – well she is the glue that holds all of this chaos together. I have a love for God, my Church, my Family, My Country and Music.

I hope you enjoy your visit here ……….  in my simple little world.

Tug   🙂

Disclaimer: The views expressed here on these pages of this site are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of anybody else either associated with or as a occurence of visiting these pages.


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