This article is about the type of government the Islamic jihadist group that calls itself “the Islamic State”, for the Foreign and Domestic Terrorists that are wreaking Havoc in and on our lands and for the acts of Treason that have been committed by our people.

Please pardon my expletive nature in the title but I had to grad your attention.  Folks – this is serious. You really don’t understand the full gravity of the ever developing circumstances that have been happening around the world lately. Over the course of the last 6 years, there have been more and more attacks both foreign and domestic. Up until recently, these attacks have been sparse and “at arm’s length” but now more than ever we need to be vigilant as there has been a rise in Domestic Terrorism. My intention is NOT to alarm anyone but moreover to make you aware of what is really going on in the world and in our back yard.

Have you seen these people?

london attackers Dylan Roof

Or even these People:

kansas militia 4_terrorists

These people look just like or eerily similar to people that we see here every day (in America). They may live next door or run a Shop in your neighborhood. The fact remains, that we should have Immigration Laws and Guidelines to ensure our safety. We should have strict laws that deal with Domestic Terrorism and strict laws that deal with Treason (remember Treason)?  In law,  treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts of violence and non-violence against one’s nation or sovereign.

Oran’s Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as a “citizen’s actions to help a foreign government overthrow, to make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]”. In America, it is also considered treason to attempt or conspire to overthrow the government, even if no foreign country is aiding or involved by such an endeavor. I think I have recently seen this in the news and is going on now as a matter of fact.

As a young child, when I did something wrong or against my Parents rules, we received a Whooping, a Spanking, we got grounded, sat in a corner and we got our toys taken away.  Hmmmm, so what happened if we did it again, well we got punished even worse the next time until eventually we learned that that type of behavior was not acceptable.  We learned from our decision and actions. We learned that those actions had consequences.

Spanking                                gallows over there

I have brought up all of that to say this – we, as a Nation – have sat back and let ourselves become complacent, become so slack and in a sense transitioned into the “United States of the Offended” for so long that we are now scared or unable to speak up and do the right thing for fear of retaliation. This younger generation that has been brought up and raised to be more accepting and tolerant of certain situations need to realize the severity of what is really going on. The more we “give” the more they “take”. – Plain and simple. Most people will think that I am being too harsh or paranoid – but I have seen a lot in my short time, I know the patterns and I know what is coming.

Nothing before or since the terror attacks of 9/11 in terms of lives lost, scope, and impact have been so devastating. We know that the al Qaeda led and inspired operatives still seek to strike our homeland to include the use of weapons of mass destruction.  Globally fueled terrorism continues to occupy much of our attention to this day. As we were reminded by the shootings in Kansas, Arkansas, and the nation’s capital over just 11 days this spring, the threat of domestic terror—Americans attacking Americans based on U.S.-based extremist ideologies—is alive and well. Today’s domestic terror threats run deep, from hate-filled white supremacists… Black supremacists…to highly destructive eco-terrorists…to violence-prone anti-government extremists…to radical separatist groups.


It’s an especially tall order to try to prevent these attacks given the civil liberties we all enjoy as American citizens, including the right to free speech. Hate and anger are not crimes; neither are hard-line and poisonous ideologies. It’s only when actions by groups or individuals cross the line into threats, the actual use of force or violence, or other law-breaking activities where it then becomes terrorism.

Best of 2012 - News

As a point of reference – listed below are some (but not all) forms of Terrorists:

Domestic Terrorists

  • Homegrown Violent Extremists, •Racist Skinhead Extremists, •Sovereign Citizen Extremists, •Supremacist Extremists (black and white), •Militia Extremists, •Animal Rights Extremists, •Anti-Abortion Extremists, •Environmental Rights Extremists, •Anarchist Extremists, •Lone Offender
  • Facilitators and Unwitting Co-optees.


Domestic Terrorism (DHS/FBI)

Is the threat of or Act of violence.

  • Is dangerous to life, potentially destructive of critical infrastructure or key resources
  • can be committed by group or individual
  • can be operating entirely within US without direction or inspiration from foreign terrorist group


Gangs    (MS13, Bloods, Crips, etc)

Self Admission, Tattoos, Hand Signs/Symbols/Logos, Wearing colors, clothing, Paraphernalia, Possessing related documents, Possessing and or participation of commercial publications, Consistent contact with Gang members, Photos with Gang members, Corresponding with Gang members, Confirmation by outside agency gang unit/database, Identified as Gang member by gang member or by a reliable informant.

*Some lengthy information I know but well worth the read.  Consider #unarmedselfdefence, #Shoot/DontShoot, #CCW*

IF you think that this type of violence/Terrorism will not affect you – in your neighborhood – think again!  Check out http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/terrorism/wrjp255a.html or Just ask the people in the Wisconsin Sikh Temple massacre, Aug. 5, 2012, The murder of Dr. George Tiller, May 31, 2009, Knoxville Unitarian Universalist Church shooting, July 27, 2008., The murder of Dr. John Britton, July 29, 1994, The Centennial Olympic Park bombing, July 27, 1996., The murder of Barnett Slepian by James Charles Kopp, Oct. 23, 1998, the Planned Parenthood bombing, Brookline, Massachusetts, 1994, the Suicide attack on IRS building in Austin, Texas, Feb. 18, 2010, The murder of Alan Berg, June 18, 1984 and the Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing, April 19, 1995.

The Krail Legacy – A letter to the youngest generation of the Krail family……….

The Krail Legacy – A letter to the youngest generation of the Krail family……….


What started out as a chance meeting between teacher and parent and then what transpired from that became a small town local friendship. We learned more about that gifted teacher, that friend, in such a short time and what clearly comes to mind is a Passion for others. We learned that life is short and in that short life, we must live – and love – to the fullest. Not only was he a Teacher, but he was a Friend. Thanks Dave!

Shortly thereafter, what we thought was a sudden and unexpected tragedy, was soon found to be a selfless act of trying to protect others and not wanting to burden them with his impending suffering. Through great sadness and uncertainty, we were thrust into a family’s anguish, and emotional turmoil. As Christians and as a friend to Dave, we stepped up and provided anything and everything that we could do to ease the pain and help out in those trying times. That is where this story takes a wonderful and amazing turn – We met the Krail Family. The Mother, the Father, the brothers and sisters were all devastated at what had happened but even in those sad times, there was a bright light that seemed to shine through.  We were there when they came to take him back home, we were there when they said “farewell”, we were there for the late night phone calls, and we were there to discuss the details and the sharing of memories. We were there to share with the family our side of the story and what an impact that the “Teacher” had on his “students”.

After a very short period of time, we became more embedded into the Krail Family, and we learned just where that Teacher had received his gift. As an outsider looking in – One of the first things that I immediately noticed about the Krails is the family bond. Sure every family has its arguments, its disappointments and bumps in the road but one thing that always remained – that Family Bond of Love.

We learned of the childhood memories and stories depicting the simple acts of kindness, the constant sharing, the competiveness – striving for greatness, the eternal love and forever companionship that this family had for each other as well as for the ones that were fortunate enough to share in this time and experience. Now I am not trying to sugar coat any of this and like I said before, every family has its issues but in the grand scheme of things, you would have to admit, that it truly has been a blessing to be a part of such a wonderful family.

We have been able to look at pictures and hear stories of the family just doing simple ordinary family stuff, we have had the chance to be a part of and make memories with some of you as well. We have watched the sadness and pain and we have seen honor, pride and integrity shine through. We have also learned that through loss, there can be a sense of achievement. There can be a strength that comes from that type of loss. I am a firm believer that “What doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger”.

Looking at the big picture, we really didn’t “lose” anything – we received a great blessing instead. We all know that our time on this earth is limited and we never really know just how long we have here. We must concentrate on what we have, not what we wish we had. Everything has its season. Everything and everybody has its own time. We must make the best of the time that we have. Live Strong, Love Freely, and forgive often.

So to the youngest generation of the Krail Family, my greatest wish for you is to remember where it all started. Remember the Family Bond, the Love and the compassion for one another. You come from greatness and to greatness you will ascend – not just in life but through living. There is truly nothing that you cannot achieve if you simply follow through.

The legacy continues…………………….with you!


My Outstandingly Amazing Day……

My Outstandingly Amazing Day…….

SuperHero Dad - Copy

So yesterday was my lazy day, I set about doing odds and end chores around the house and just piddling around not in any one direction but you know, staying busy. I had a doctors’ appointment earlier and had a little extra energy to burn so I thought that I would work outside for a bit. It was such a beautiful day, not too hot and not cool but somewhere comfortably in the middle. The sun was out and it just felt like an amazing day. I guess partly because I had gotten a good report from my doctor.

I was mowing the lawn and doing a little spring clean-up around my property.  After about an hour, my daughter said that she wanted to learn how to cut grass on the Zero Turn – I thought, hey, why not, she’s 13 now. So I put her to work cutting grass in the back part of the yard while I trimmed up some overgrown limbs and bushes. Ivy looked so grown sitting on that mower with her sunglasses on, laid back just enjoying being able to ride and do grown up stuff helping her dad. This was awesome in its own right but this is not the highlight of my day.

After about 20 minutes, I see my neighbor come half-trotting across my property with her 16 month old baby boy draped across her arms, legs and arms dangling like a limp dish rag. The look of terror that was on her face spoke volumes and I knew in my mind that something was terribly wrong. Without being able to hear a thing over the lawn mower, I dropped my loppers and begin making my way over to her. She immediately handed me the lifeless body of her son and screamed “Please help him” – “Please help me, I think he’s having a seizure and isn’t breathing”. I guess years of training took over but I kinda remember looking at the child as if to do a quick trauma check – his eyes were rolled back into his head, no rise and fall of his chest and he was turning blue around his eyes, lips and chin.


Half checking for a pulse, I flipped the boy over onto his stomach cradling him in my left arm as my right hand began to firmly pound on his back – I began walking up towards my house. I knew that we had to call EMS and after what seemed like a couple of minutes I felt his chest inflate in my hand and I saw some discolored fluids come out of his mouth. Still not making any sounds and struggling to take a breath, I flipped him over once again and I saw his eyes open a bit but still very weak and rolling around. I flipped him back over again and resumed my light pounding on his back until I felt a little more comfortable that he was in fact taking in a decent breath of air. All of a sudden I heard the most wonderful noise of all – he took a gasp of air and started to cry.

At that point I knew he was going to be fine until EMS got there and provide any treatment that he may need. I handed the child back to his mother and had them sit down while she patted his back and rocked him. EMS seemed to get there relatively quick – they grabbed the child and took him into the ambulance. Living in the country, we are used to the ambulance having to come from the other side of the county and a 15 to 30 minute response time is nothing new but they seemed to have gotten there so fast. Actually, there were two ambulances, a first Responder and two Deputy Sheriff’s to arrive all within 15 minutes. After a few more minutes, the ambulance and the mother of the child were well on their way to the Hospital and my Wife and I were standing there looking at her three other children that had been left behind with us.

We made contact with the Grandparents and the father of the child and alerted them as to what had transpired and that we had their other children there with us. As the day progressed, we kept in contact with the neighbor and were kept abreast of how the child was doing. As it turns out, the child was running a fever of a 103 degrees prior to the incident. According to the mother, the child had a seizure from the high fever and then from what I gather, he had aspirated on his mucus and phlegm which had caused him to quit breathing.

So now, hours later, the child is back at home sleeping blissfully and I am relaxed on my catnapper taking in the whole experience thinking to myself “wow – did that just really happen”? As I told this story to my son who had come in later on in the day, he responded with “wow – you’re a hero” – I thought to myself yeah right but at that same minute, I felt very proud of the fact that I was there at home to be able to help this family. All those years in Law Enforcement, my only motive was to help people and I was lucky enough to have helped many people during my career – but this was something special. This was Outstanding and Awesome to say the least. I went to bed knowing that I made a difference and that in the eyes of my children I was in fact a hero…………



Mom – What did you just say to me ??



I stopped by my Mothers’ house for a quick visit this past week while my Wife and Daughter went on to Volleyball Practice. As usual, I walked into the kitchen and my Mom greeted me with a big hug and kiss to say Hi and thanks for stopping in. Since I am the baby and all,  I get special brownie points for popping in –  or at least she makes me feel like I do. After a few minutes of regular chit-chat, we sat at the kitchen table playing and talking with her 5 little dogs when all of a sudden and out of the blue – – –

Today I was confronted by three words that totally upended my whole world. My Mom started out by saying, I have something to tell you – I don’t want to – but I have to. As calmly as I could, I looked at her and smiled and waited patiently trying to prepare myself for some off the wall response.  Her, being 72 years old now and being totally independent, she often likes to joke around at times, she replied with a pause and then———-  “I Have Cancer”………… Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah – that’s all I heard afterwards. I actually had to stop her while I refocused and said “Wait – What”? She began to slowly repeat herself – through her tears she tells me that they had found three polyps in her colon during a recent Colonoscopy and through a biopsy the Doctors found that it was in fact malignant.

Now let me tell you – I utterly hate to see my Mother cry, I mean it tears me to pieces to watch her pain – because when my Mother cries, she truly feels it. It hurts her so deeply when something affects her to the point that it makes her cry. You can look at her and see in her eyes that it physically hurts her. And me being the “Mommas’ Boy” that I’am, I want to take it all away and make it stop – for her and for me.

Mom and I have been through so much together and I have watched her succeed and fail at life and love. I have seen her ecstatically happy and I have seen her devastated and torn down and apart. Even through a 35+ year relationship and divorce, my Mother has always prevailed over any obstacle and come out on the other side stronger and worrying about us kids rather than herself.  She loved me first and I know that no matter what, no matter how bad things are, no matter how far I stray, I know that she always has my back. Even me, as old as I am, she tries to be my rock.

The next two hours went by faster than I could have imagined and we had such a good time despite the devastating news. I knew that I had to stay positive for her and for me and we joked around and I made her laugh so much during our time together that evening. The highlight for me was the “Preaching” part. We talked about Salvation and Gods’ Grace. We talked about treatment options and we talked about “what if”. For what seemed like an hour or more, I felt like I was preaching to her about Gods’ word, His expectations and what she needed to do to ensure her place with God.

To fuel the whole conversation, Mom asked me “What makes you think that I am not going to Heaven”? Stunned – again, my Mother was many things during my childhood, one of which, for a short time, a Preachers’ Wife. She knew where her faith was but what I was more concerned with was the lack or loss of her salvation. She being a Methodist and I being Pentecostal we had a little different view of salvation. She allowed me to make my point and she seemed to agree with what I had to say without rebuttal.  I felt good that I was able to talk to her about God and I know in my heart that in the end, whenever God takes her away, I know that I was able to put in her mind the importance of living her life according to Gods plan and that time is an unknown factor in this life.

…….. more to follow



In My Minds Eye…..

In my minds eye ………………

I can see a long shiny black train heading down the tracks with its white smoke bellowing from the stack making that familiar Clickety Clack, Clickety Clack that has rung through my imagination for almost 30 years now. I can smell the grease and oil and I can imagine just what the coal might smell like as it’s being burned in the belly of that massive Engine to give it life. I can see my Grandfather in his dress blues with his gold chain looped from his watch pocket, hanging off the back of the Caboose, a gold lantern in hand, waving it back and forth signaling ahead. The smile across my grandfathers lips widen and seems to brighten as the train draws nearer. I can hear the screech of the wheels and the pistons whistling as the brakes start to engage. As the train pulls closer into the yard there seems to be just the outline of the Depot with huge pillows of white clouds surrounding it. The old depot with its wooden porch and heavily worn walkway, where I can see my Grandmother waiting patiently wearing her bright white nurse’s uniform with her little white hat sitting just so perfect on her head and her little white shoes polished just right. As the train approaches and slowly enters the canopy of the Depot I see Jam as he looks into my Grandmothers eyes and says “Wimpy, I’m home”. . . . . . . .


Written on May 26, 2006 for my Grandparents, Mary Alice Collins Groves and Samuel Jack Groves Jr, after their passing. My Grandmother had worked as an RN for most of her life and my Grandfather worked and retired from the railroad as did his father before him.


My Time with a Veteran…..and his Wife

Let me start my story with this. My Mother worked for the Department of Social Services here in Warren County many years ago and she had been tasked with the duties of an “In-Home-Health-Aid” assisting the elderly with daily chores and errands – back then I believe that it was called a Chore Provider.

After what seemed like only a very short time, my Mother began taking care of the Terminally Ill patients providing nearly the same services as what todays’ Hospice would. My Mother got such good reviews from her patients and family, that most often times, she would be requested back by the family to take care of other family members.

One particular patient that sticks out in my mind was a man named Mr. Klienfelter. I didn’t know him that well because he was already in his final days but I clearly remember his daughter Donna. Donna was a very boisterous, loud and very outspoken person – Larger than Life as one would say and it was definitely her way or the highway and she didn’t mind telling you that. Mr. Klienfelter eventually passed away and after many more patients and years with DSS, My Mother finally retired. My Mother and Donna remained friends for life.

Later, Donna became sick and was diagnosed with Cancer. As it turns out, my Mother was asked to come and care for Donna until she could get back on her feet.  Along with my Mother, there were two other people who looked after Jesse and Donna in shifts throughout the week . As I was visiting my Mother one day I was re-introduced to Donna and that’s when I met her Husband Jesse. Now as I found out, Jesse and Donna were originally natives of Durham, North Carolina but had moved to New Mexico where they raised their two children. After a time, Jesse and Donna moved back to Warren County after Jesse retired from the Air Force. During some of my visits, I heard many stories and anecdotes from his career and I also learned that he retired as a Master Sergeant after serving this county for over 22 years.

I visited the Hickersons often and my Mother looked after Donna until she passed away from the cancer, but continued to look after Jesse who had become “not as independent” as his family or he would have liked. It was a very rough time for Jesse losing his Wife of so many years and of her personality. Donna was always “Large and in Charge” not in size, but in her personality type. She looked after her home, after Jesse and after the children whether they liked it or not and she demanded that she remained in the spotlight of life. Not bad things as it were and she had a great heart, always willing to help someone out, if they truly needed it.  Now with Jesse, he was totally opposite of Donna. He said things only when they needed saying and he was a very proud American. He wore his “Retired” colors with pride. Jesse was not able to get up and do as most of us could and relied on his care providers to do daily chores, shopping and the driving for him. Although I think it was the companionship that truly helped both of them the most.

On one of my many visits, after Donna had passed, Jesse asked me “Do you think I am being too hard on the care providers – I feel really bad that all I do is sit here and bark orders all day”. I assured Jesse that all of the Chore Providers were happy to be of service to him and that after all that he had done for this country, maybe it was time for him to be able to sit back and let others “protect” and care for him. He of course responded with “yeah but it makes me feel funny”……..